What Eagle County Residents are Saying

If we don’t have people running ambulances and I fall off the roof and break my back, there are not ways to get me to the hospital.

Paramedics and EMT services are necessarily expensive, and voters should pay for that. I‘m willing to pay for that.

Emergency services are very important in communities. The Gallagher Amendment is having a big impact on entities that get money from property taxes. 

They provide an indispensable service. They deserve some of our tax dollars. I don’t know how good stewards they are of tax money, that is why I would like to learn more.” 

Mainly, we have to keep the level of funding steady for Eagle County Paramedics. We need that. Every county needs those services. I generally always vote for measures like those.

It is important to have paramedics equipped to do their jobs.

They are providing valuable services for people. It is about saving lives.

 I want the paramedics to come and save me, if I’m ever in an emergency.

I value the service that they are providing. I know the way the Gallagher Amendment is reducing the funding.